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Portreath — Cornwall, England

Portreath was originally a small fishing village nestled in a stream valley between high cliffs.

PortreathThe first harbour was constructed in 1713 by mining adventurers needing a port for their minerals. The remnants of the second harbor that made Portreath a coastal port in 1760 still exists to some extent today. During this period the harbour transported copper ore to Wales making Portreath a center of the industrial age. The mining and shipping of minerals also necessitated the building of tramways some of which has been converted for leisure purposes such as cycling and walking paths.

Today Portreath is a summer retreat with its secluded sandy beaches and a stream running to the sea on one side. It is ideal for swimming, surfing and windsailing in safety, watched by the local Surf and Life Saving Club. Portreath offers the pleasures of sea and countryside with beautiful views, spectacular cliffs and walking trails. Illogan Woods is adjacent to Portreath with lovely streams and a circular walk leading to the 14th century church tower of Illogan.

There is also Tehidy Country Park just outside of Portreath with its adjoining golf-course. It is a beautiful country park comprised of 250 acres of woodland, lakes, bridleways, cycling and nature trails. There are several ponds and a lake with swans and various kinds of waterfowl.

A point of interest is the RAF station on the hill to the north which opened in 1941 as an RAF Fighter Command Sector Station. There is an entire history encompassing this station for those seeking historical information.

Where is Portreath?

Portreath is located in Cornwall on the B3301, north of Camborne. The nearest populated areas include Redruth and Camborne to the south.

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